RTC PhotoWork: Jennifer & Hannah’s Studio Breastfeeding Portraits


Jennifer came to me with Hannah to celebrate passing a year of breastfeeding and to show that black women DO breastfeed their babies.  It was a special project for me as working with the Tarrant County Breastfeeding Coalition and photographing their events showed what a disparity there was between black and minority women and white women, and that this disparity in breastfeeding rates (and breastfeeding support in the medical system and in the community) was responsible for the much higher rates of neonatal deaths in the black community.  This was a project Jennifer was excited to be a part of as much as I was, and I have to thank Jennifer and the women in the coalition for opening my eyes (and apologize that you need to spend your time opening other people’s eyes, like you did for me).

That aside, is Hannah not absolutely ADORABLE?!?  I loved watching them together in my studio.

IMG_0020  IMG_0004 mono  IMG_0013  IMG_0010
When you have a toddler, you get used to crazy positions.  You get so used to it, you might as well have a little fun and humor with it.  Props to Jennifer for going for it!
IMG_0009  IMG_0014  IMG_0005 IMG_0015 monoYou know me and baby feet!  It’s one of those details I have to get.  It shows how little they still were while showing how much they’ve already grown.

IMG_0025  IMG_0036  IMG_0033 mono
IMG_0037  IMG_0038  IMG_0039IMG_0026
Jennifer, your pride and humor are fantastic.  Thank you for this session!

Celebrate what defines you

If you’re ready to book your Breastfeeding portrait session, contact me here. I look forward to designing your portrait session to celebrate what defines you and your pregnancy!


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