RTC PhotoWork: Leah & Annabeth’s Window-Lit Breastfeeding Portraits


Leah came to me last year with Annabelle knowing they were coming to an end of their breastfeeding journey.  With Annabelle being her last baby, she knew it was a milestone to celebrate and capture with portraits.  We transformed my then-130-square-foot office to look like a dreamy, window-lit bedroom.

IMG_0026 IMG_0022 mono IMG_0019 IMG_0017
How precious that Annabelle holds her own hair while she nurses!
IMG_0027  IMG_0004  IMG_0008 mono
I love seeing the little things babies do when they nurse, like how she threw her legs up and over Leah’s arms.  That’s one of those things that develops over time as they grow from a tiny infant with their legs tucked up between mom’s belly and theirs to being too long to be contained anymore.
IMG_0059  IMG_0063 mono  IMG_0050
IMG_0062 IMG_0060 IMG_0054 mono
You KNOW a little one over the age of 4-6 months old gets distracted!  Over a year and they want to crawl off the make-shift bed!  That’s ok.  I can roll with it.  I love what came next!

IMG_0045 IMG_0049 IMG_0048 mono
IMG_0047  IMG_0038 IMG_0044

Celebrate what defines you

If you’re ready to book your Breastfeeding portrait session, contact me here. I look forward to designing your portrait session to celebrate what defines you and your pregnancy!


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