RTC PhotoWork_photographer bio_Tamara Curry“When I grow up I want to be a doctor and a rock star because I can help people…”

That was me in second grade.  I can’t say I’m one of those photographers who knew she would grow up knowing that was what she wanted to do.  I did know, however, that if I didn’t become a heart surgeon I would pursue art.  After years of sketching, being a little bit of a computer nerd, and working in Photoshop I found my way into photography.

When I became a mother, I realized just how much women are aware of the constantly judging eyes around, often times hiding the parts of them which are most important.  I’ve had my own struggles and triumphs with poor self- and body-esteem, including overcoming anorexia in high school.  I understand the power of images—both the ones we create in our minds (or let others create for us) and actual, physical images like photographs.  I have seen the way a photograph can influence a woman’s view of herself.  A photograph can remind a woman of her beauty; it can celebrate and encourage the strength in overcoming circumstances; a photograph can point her to the joy in her life.  I often see the transformation happen in front of my eyes during a session, when a woman melts from “having pictures taken” to reconnecting with herself and her loves.

It is important that I create photos honoring each woman as mother, a lover, as a whole person whom the world can’t hold down. Why? Because women deserve to celebrate what matters to them, to celebrate their passions, and to celebrate what defines them.  Be it a nurturing breastfeeding relationship, a love for a significant other, or a burgeoning beauty and sensuality, if it is part of your definition I want to help you be encouraged in it and to celebrate it with photographs.


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