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More Changes for RTC PhotoWork

Where do I start? What do I say that I haven’t read in other photographers’ blogs half a dozen times myself? I will start at the beginning–the beginning of my career as a photographer. To be more specific, the beginning of my photography business. As some of you know, I started in Photoshop thanks to…

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Changes ahead for 2016!

In the past, when you came to me for your ordering consultation you viewed a slideshow and made your image selections on my computer monitor.  They were completely edited images you viewed, but there was just something missing. This year, you get to see what your final images look like printed before you make your…

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RTC PhotoWork Is Growing Again!

On the heels of my last announcement to begin photographing births, I found out I was expecting.  The Mata-Curry family is growing around Christmastime! That means this fall and winter will be VERY busy for us between holiday portrait season, prepping for the baby, and moving my studio into storage for maternity leave.  What does…

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RTC PhotoWork: Eating Disorder Awareness Week

At the beginning of the week, I saw something about it being Eating Disorder Awareness Week.  It’s taken since then for me to gather my thoughts and write this post.  Before I was a mother and focused on parenting issues, eating disorders, depression, and self-injury were the cause I championed.  They are why I studied…

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