RTC PhotoWork: Robin’s Studio Maternity Portraits


Robin was the winner of my Baby Bump Contest some time ago.  She came in excited and open to what I had in mind, so I played!  I played with dramatic lighting, unique (less matronly) posing, and a different way of styling.  It was one of those sessions I walked away from more excited than before we got started.

IMG_0018  IMG_0031  IMG_0020
IMG_0049  IMG_0032 mono  IMG_0043
IMG_0053  IMG_0062  IMG_0068
IMG_0085 mono
IMG_0077  IMG_0090 mono  IMG_0086  IMG_0106
IMG_0107 mono  IMG_0120 mono  IMG_0123
IMG_0138  IMG_0125 mono  IMG_0134 mono  IMG_0162 mono
IMG_0157        IMG_0158

How perfect was that session, am I right?!?

Celebrate what defines you

If you’re ready to book your Maternity portrait session, contact me here. I look forward to designing your portrait session to celebrate what defines you and your pregnancy!


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