Ericka’s Teen Beauty Portraits


Last summer Ericka came with her best friend, Sajh, all the way from Oklahoma for their Teen Beauty portraits to celebrate their senior year of high school.  We just blasted through their combined session in the amount of time it usually takes for a single portrait session.  They laughed pretty much the whole time, and I would say that made for some beautiful portraits, wouldn’t you?

IMG_0033  IMG_0034 mono  IMG_0047
IMG_0178  IMG_0188 mono  IMG_0192
IMG_0050  IMG_0042  IMG_0035
IMG_0051 mono  IMG_0048  IMG_0087 mono IMG_0083
IMG_0120  IMG_0126  IMG_0130
IMG_0181 mono
IMG_0182 mono

Celebrate what defines you

If you’re ready to book your 2016 Teen Beauty portrait session, contact me here. I look forward to designing your portrait session to celebrate what defines your teen or graduate!


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