Sajh’s Teen Beauty Portraits


Sajh and her best friend came to me all the way from Oklahoma for their high school senior/teen beauty portraits.  We had SO much fun in the studio.  I met her through Meghan, her aunt, who I’ve been photographing since she was pregnant with her first baby 4 and a half years ago.  I first met Sajh when I photographed Meghan’s first, Vivi, for her 9 month session since Sajh was in town and helping out that day.

IMG_0140 mono
IMG_0154 IMG_0167 mono IMG_0141
IMG_0159    IMG_0144    IMG_0142
IMG_0103  IMG_0109
IMG_0108 IMG_0107 mono IMG_0098
IMG_0060    IMG_0057
IMG_0058  IMG_0053 mono IMG_0023_ IMG_0021 IMG_0006  IMG_0002
IMG_0004 mono


Celebrate what defines you

If you’re ready to book your 2016 Teen Beauty portrait session, contact me here.  I look forward to designing your portrait session to celebrate what defines your teen or graduate!


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