What to Wear: Birthday Cake Smash

RTC Photography_What to Wear_Cake Smash

This week’s What to Wear is for those 1- and 2-year olds having a cake smash session for their birthdays.

Let’s start with a little girl’s outfit:

A pretty dress or a stylized romper like the one below coordinated with a knotted headband is super cute (just as long as it’s not TOO pretty since it WILL get messy):

Or, go with a ruffled diaper cover or tutu with a more dainty flower headband for your daughter:

For a boy, stick with shorts or a diaper cover with a hat and tie:

Or jeans and suspenders:

Or a simple diaper cover:

One look that works for boys and girls is a onesies with leggings:

Don’t forget to bring a birthday hat or crown for portraits before the cake is brought out:

Tip for selecting your cake:  If you can, get a cake with a whipped cream or whipped oil base for the frosting to make cleaning your little one easier.  These frostings also make for a lower sugar option than traditional canned or buttercream frosting.


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