What to Wear: Parents in Newborn Portraits

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I know the last thing you want to think about when your baby is born is what you’re going to wear to his portrait session.  You probably think you’ll skip being in the portraits just for simplicity’s sake.  Please don’t skip out; there won’t be another chance to have portraits made with your baby so tiny.

A good rule when you have a new baby and are having photos made is to stick with neutral colors to make coordination easy.  While black is a slimming color, it tends to be too harsh in newborn portraits. Go with a dark blue or brown if dark colors are a must.  For a studio session most portraits will be waist-up, so just make sure you have a good top to wear for your photos before you switch to comfy (ok-to-be-peed-and-pooped-on) clothes.

For moms:

Tunic-length tank tops are fantastic (to provide coverage of that days-old postpartum bump):

and button-up shirts (especially if you’re breastfeeding) are great:


A plain maxi dress is also good for comfort and simplicity (You’ll get to feel fancy while just having to put one thing on! Sweet!):

Dad’s have it even easier. Just get a pair of nice jeans and a plain dress shirt, polo, or tee that fits well:

It’s that easy to come up with an outfit so that you can be a part of your baby’s newborn portraits!

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